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Aline's Journey by Edwidge Danticat

This story is about a Haitian girl, Aline, and her family who flee from Haiti to the USA. First, Aline is told that it is mainly because of the floodings in Haiti.

The family flees by boat with other Haitians to Miami in the USA.

Here they are stopped by policemen, and the men are handcuffed and separated from the women and children.

Aline, her mother, little brother and other women and children are taken to a hotel in which they stay for several weeks without being able to get outside. The mother also gets quite ill but is not allowed to see a doctor.

After several weeks Aline, the mother and her little brother are taken to see a judge, and here the father is also present. The family is told that they will be sent back to Haiti to which the father replies that they will then die. Aline is now told that her father has been threatened to life for attending a meeting in Haiti with people who are opposed to the government here.

The case is appealed, yet, at the end of the story, Aline feels anxious about herself and her family.

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